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Calling For A Social Change

1) What Do I Care About?  I care about things and people in my inner circles.  I care about my family, friends and my pets.  For example, I care a lot when people criticize unions and government and federal workers because my parents are in unions and are government and federal workers who have been personally affected by furloughs and wage freezes.  I also care about things that will affect me such as local issues in Hawaii, things that affect my job and my ability to go to school (like increasing tuition and the threat of less federal aid for financial aid) and things that affect/ influence my future (like the availability of jobs when I graduate from college).

2) Do I Want Social Change?  I do but only for certain things.  Its really hard to care about everything and for me some social changes are less important for me than others are.  For example, I heard that HI lawmakers were recently trying to pass a law to make it legal for dogs to be in restaurants (and not just seeing eye dogs or dogs that help people with disabilities, but all kinds of small and large dogs).  While I do like dogs, I think that this type of social change is not a precedence that needs to be addressed now.  However, if something will negatively affect the things/ people  I care about, including my self, then I definitely would want social change to happen.  But realistically, I do not think that I could instigate or help to make a difference in any type of social change.  I feel so insignificant because of my age and the fact that I am a student who has no extra time to go and fight a battle.

I think that if I were going to start a type of social change it would be either to find more ways for Hawaii to become more self sustaining like investing in more forms of alternative energy and so on, rather than relying on tourism and the military as Hawaii’s main economic contributors.  I know that it is unrealistic for Hawaii’s dependence on outsider influences (like the military or tourism) to completely disappear.  But I do not like the fact that we always have to depend on others for so many things.  Because we always have to present Hawaii as this “Paradise” we are always developing new hotels or making new shopping malls that are just adding more congestion to the roads and making other problems as well.  I would like to see Hawaii provide more food for itself and so on by investing in more agricultural ideas (if it is even possible).  Another social change that I would want would be to find a way for women to become more equal in America’s workforce.  As a female, I really dislike the fact that women doing the same jobs as men STILL get paid less then men and there are far fewer women in positions of management versus the amount of men in such positions.

3) How Can I Start or Prevent It?  The obvious way to prevent any type of social change would be to do nothing.  But I don’t want to be one of those adults who complains all the time and does nothing.  So if I wanted to start a social change, perhaps a call for it could be made on Facebook or by calling on my friends and family and other networks.

4) Are These People Smarter Than Me?  Yes.  Considering that I know very little about technology and many other things as well, I have no problem believing that the people of the Share conference are smarter and more driven than me.

5) How Are These People Different From Me?  I am not sure but I think that one of the points of the Share conference was about finding ways to share information, movies, music and so on with the public so that they can have their own voice without governmental and corporate interference.  The organizers want to empower young and poor people into instituting social change for their own society.  Because the Share conference target audience is much larger and they actually have a clear vision of how they want to accomplish their goal, I would say that the organizers of the Share conference are much more driven, organized and nobler than any social changes that I could have come up with.  The Share Conference seemed like something to empower the little person and getting people in a society to speak up and make the necessary changes for their own people.  The bigger message seemed to be one of “If you don’t do it, then who will.”

6) What would it take for you to institute or get involved in a social change?

7) Why are younger generations so reluctant to get involved in today’s social issues?  Has America’s Reluctance to Get Involved Made Us a Selfish, Idle and Lazy Society?