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The need to be entertained

on April 15, 2012

In class we continually ask ourselves to question our dependence on technology.  But an interesting point was also brought up as well as we questioned why technology is needed.  Other then the fastness and convenience of technology it is apparent that most technology satisfies a need for us to be entertained.  The continual need to have our cell phones around us at all times, the need to be around a computer when we get to work  and the need to turn on the TV when we get home are all examples of how humans need to have some form of pleasurable distraction close at hand in order to get through their class, work, or day.  Although such a conclusion makes humans sound like entertainment junkies, who cannot survive (or sometimes even think) without being captivated by something interesting, one may also conclude how necessary it is for people to have some kind of outlet and distraction from their everyday lives.  For example, after a hard day’s work at the office, who can blame the person who wants to go home and watch TV or play video games all night, especially when one considers that the difficulties from work will only return the next morning.  I think that if people had to constantly face and think about the problems in their lives, most people would go crazy or have a nervous breakdown.  People would be stressed out all the time and be yelling at everyone in their way and would therefore be passing on their problem to everyone else.  In such a way, our computers, TV, video games or cell phones provide a way for people to forget their problems and put them on the side until later.

But even though technology can provide people with a release from their problems, I think that people also need to have a balance in their lives.  I think that sometimes problems arise when people use technology to escape their problems, but when that technology is gone, people often forget to deal with or find a solution to their problem.  So instead of solving the problem, people get distracted (with technology) and forget about the problem all together.  In such a way, technology could just be making people avoid their problems, rather than dealing with them, which does not usually solve anything.  Other problems arise when people need to be entertained all day but cannot concentrate on their work or school because they cannot be without their cell phone or so on.  In such a way, technology becomes a distraction from the problems in a person’s life, while at the same time, technology is also causing other problems in that same person’s life.


2 responses to “The need to be entertained

  1. I think that if people had to constantly face and think about the problems in their lives, most people would go crazy or have a nervous breakdown.

    What evidence has led you to believe this statement, or at least to express this statement even if you don’t believe it?

    You want to be very careful generalizing “humans” when you describe “coming home from the office” which is something that the majority of people on the planet do not do.

    • younghea says:

      I think that technology works as a release mechanism from the problems in our lives. The reason I think that people would go crazy if they could not use technology is just how SOME people are in general when they are at work. Since most people are supposed to be serious at work and have all these work problems they tend to be more uptight/ stressed at work. But when they get home they can watch tv and be relaxed and just forget the problems from work. I don’t know if this is true for everyone but I’ve noticed it for me and some members of my family. Of course one could also say that the opposite is true if there are a lot of problems at home, then work becomes the release. So maybe it’s not just the technology that helps people to be distracted from their problems, maybe its also the space, work vs. home.

      ok “humans” might be too strong since not everyone works.

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