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Who Is Really the Slave: Us or the Machines

on April 29, 2012

A few classes ago we pondered the idea of a robot consciousness.  Questions of whether a robot consciousness could exist and what would humans do if it did exist were considered.  We wondered if we treat robots/ machines as the modern day slaves.  But as I thought it over more and more, I wondered whether the machines were the slaves, or were we naively and unknowingly the slaves to the machines?

In many ways I can see how humans treat machines like slaves.  But I can also see how our dependence on machines has made us a sort of slave to the technology.  There are few people in America that can honestly say that their life is not reliant on some sort of technology.  Most people cannot even make it a couple of hours without their gadgets, let alone an entire day or week without their much beloved and needed cell phone/tv/ computer/ ipod/ car/ stove and so on.  But as one recognizes that we may be a slave to technology, one must ponder what this means for humans.  Have humans dug themselves into a whole that they cannot get out of?  Will Americans ever be able to survive without technology?  What would such a life look like?  Aaahhhhh…… so many questions, so little time.


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