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Digitalizing Time

on May 9, 2012

It seems like every way you look, if not every, then most aspects on one’s life is being digitalized.  Such progression has just become acceptable and the norm.  But a few weeks ago I saw a movie called In Time with Justin Timberlake and I thought that the whole concept was so interesting as it surrounded the idea of what if human lifespans were digitalized.  What if the human clock was not determined in our eating/ exercising habits or our genes, but it was determined in our spending habits and would be enforced through a clock that counts down on everyone’s arm?  The result was that the rich lived for long periods of time.  Time is the currency that people can work for, can spend, gamble away, steal or give to others.

I thought that this movie was also interesting because it is also about capitalism and how the poor continually find themselves running out of time, which means that people die.  The rich keep raising the price for things and decreasing the amount of wages to keep the population under control and to keep the poor in segregated districts.  I think that the similarities in this movie and the recession are pressing.  One of the more important ones is that some people can work hard for a long time and still find themselves at the bottom of the economic ladder and unable to pay for enough food and not get access to health care.  What I found interesting about this movie was in the questions that it got me to ask such as, what if a person’s clock malfunctions, just like people have health problems, what happens to the person?  What happens when the rich get to live forever, as they only have to acquire more time?  Who keeps people honest and things fair in this type of society?


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