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Fix Young America…Why are we broken?

on May 9, 2012

While a noble intention and attempt, there were so many problems with this website.  I like that they tried to get Stephen Colbert involved, but the website was not as functional as it could have been.  And it did not help that students in Hawaii could not get involved because it was during school and too early in the morning.  It’s always been seen to be the responsibility of younger generations to solve the problems of society in creative and ingenious ways.  In many ways, today’s youth is expected to have it all, do it all and be it all.  That’s a lot of pressure for a generation just entering the workforce or college and who are just trying to figure out who they want to be and what they want to do.  But because  society has so many problems with no clear solution in sight, I guess the finger is being pointed at Congress and younger generations for their apathy, indifference and just a general lack of interest/ movement to get involved.

I cannot argue against the fact that it is very difficult to get younger generations involved in anything, as they would rather stand behind their computer screens.  In our class, I think that one of the hardest parts of our final project was just figuring out what issues were most important to us and how we would address it.  BUT I don’t think that apathy and indifference toward social issues is a problem or a characterization for only younger generations as a similar observation could be made of middle aged groups as well.  I think in every generation, there are those who want to be actively involved in the issues and there are those who want to take a back seat position and there are still those who would rather drag their feet at such an idea.

The concept behind Fix Young America implies that the older generations are passing the torch to younger generations, but because the economy is not getting better and social problems are growing, America’s youth has failed and now we have to be fixed.  But I may ask, who is going to fix Young America?  Is Young America supposed to fix themselves or are older generations going to do that?  Furthermore, if young America cannot be fixed, who gets blamed for that and what does that mean for America’s future, are we doomed as young America is supposed to be the leaders for tomorrow?  Isn’t it also fair to acknowledge that young America comes from an older America, so isn’t it equitable to see how a brokenness in young America could have been partly a result or a contribution from a deficit older America, who were responsible for bringing up and raising young America?  I think that in order to solve America’s problems, everyone, old and young, needs to get involved and work collectively towards a common goal and not point the finger at each other because fault could be seen on both sides.


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