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Where’s the limit?

on May 9, 2012

As we work on our final projects to find out what is important to us, a common theme among our group members is discovering that people in this digital age don’t really know where the line between the virtual and the actual exists anymore.  We are so consumed in our technology and our gadgets that our digital identity is hard to separate from our actual identity.  Most people cannot even go an hour let alone a day without their cell phone, ipad or tv, but does that make us weak?

I think in our group, the fact that we do not recognize the line between the virtual and the actual is rather troubling for us as we are teaching our children to grow up mostly, if not solely, surrounded in technology.  Some companies are now gearing their electronic products for babies/ toddlers.  When I saw the add for the vinci, which is being partly marketed as the ipad for your baby, I began to be really worried.  I know that this does not seem to bother some people, but it really does bother me.  In our group, we have discussed how some kids won’t even go out doors to play, but instead will stay inside playing video games or staying on their computer.  Instead of having conversations face to face, some youngsters will text the person next to them, rather then actually talking to each other.  Is our future headed for the same place as the people in Wall E?

In the future, will we all be puggy people, who do not walk around but are driven around in mobile chairs, have a screen in front our faces all day (we already do that never mind), or eat things like pizza that come from a cup?  The people in Wall E are taught the basic minimal communication skills and information, is that where we are going, or are we already there?  One of the basic premises on that movie is how technology distracts people from seeing what’s really going on, but maybe our society is already there?


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