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Final Remarks

on May 10, 2012

As we come to the end of the semester, I reflect on all the things I have learned in class.  Not only have we been introduced to several themes within technology like that of the slave and capitalism, but this class also opened my eyes to what’s REALLY going on unnoticed in front of us.  I think that a major part of this class is getting us to see what’s going on in society, what role technology plays in it and getting us to think about what we’re going to do about it.  That’s why I think that the festival project was really important for us.  I’ve never had a class that had me consider how I would address a problem regardless of limitations.  I think because younger generations have been told to do things BUT (implying all the limitations), most youngsters have given up or given in to the idea that change is very difficult or even absurd.  But I’m glad that I had the chance to think about social change as part of this class.

As I write my final blog, I look towards the future of technology and what it has to offer.  And there it was….”The Self-Driving Car.”

Apparently Google is now getting into the car business as well as being a giant on the web.  I saw this video and was intrigued.  Then I read that some states, like Nevada, are actually legally allowing these vehicles on their roads.  I can’t wait to see how successful these cars will be when being driven next to impatient and sometimes irrational human drivers.  If these cars prove to be safe and effective, I think that modern technology has taken a huge step and we are becoming more like the images in movies like iRobot or Minority Report.  Not only could these cars decrease the chances of car accidents, but they could also help senior citizens and people with disabilities to get around.  Of course, I only wonder if these cars will only be affordable for the rich thereby making it impossible or very difficult for working people to get one of these cars.  In the end, I guess science fiction really is not fiction, as society will find a way to make such ideas reality.  It will be interesting to see what new gadgets come out in the future, it seems like the options are limitless.  The only hard thing is coming up with the ideas.



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