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Negative Effects of TOO much Technology

on May 10, 2012

In class we have mentioned many instances of the negative effects of technology.  But I think that this video sums it up the best, with a humorous spin.  Since our group project surrounded the issue of defining what is too much technology, I think that this video gives audiences new things to consider like technology addiction and the weakening of the family structure or family time.

Another article that gives readers a new perspective about the effects of technology is in “An Ugly Toll of Technology.”  In this article, among other things is the idea that technology helps people to retain certain info, seen with the save features, but that means that we are unable to acquire new memories as we don’t forget things that our computers hold onto for us.  If we do not listen to the advice in the above video, then we could be doomed to be like the people in the below video.

My reaction to this video is, how irritating.  Is this really the way we look and act with our cell phones, shouting our conversations so everyone can hear us and totally oblivious of what is going on around us.  No one can deny that technology has helped society in exponential ways.  There is no way I would want to do research without a computer or without the internet.  But society must not be blinded by our fascination with these gadgets as technology can work to make us overlook its effects.   Have humans created their own downfall with machines?  Or does technology only work to feed human weaknesses?  Hummm???????


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