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The Need for Speed Means Impatience

on May 10, 2012

The other day someone remarked about how people seem to be more impatient today then they were in the past.  After I thought about it for a while, I thought that this is an accurate description of society.  When driving around on the street, a person can just see all those instances where cars are trying to get ahead of each other by cutting in and out of several lanes, so that they can be a few seconds faster.  But what are the reasons behind this change?  One could speculate that man-made technology could be one contributor.  When the internet is slow or stops working most people usually get very mad, start hitting the computer or continually hit the ctrl+alt+delete keys.  It’s almost like society doesn’t know what to do when they actually have to wait to get something or when technology doesn’t work correctly.  That would make one wonder, how did people in the past, before the computer age, survive without such gadgets?  What happened to the motto, patience is a virtue, have we forgotten it?

I guess in some instances it is reasonable to understand why people want to do things so quickly and can be very impatient.  Citizens in modern America have to fit so many things into their day between taking care of the kids, going to school, going to work, shopping for groceries, paying the bills and taking care of the chores around the house, the duties are endless.  So we have created a society that can help us fit more things into our days like fast-food restaurants and 10 items or less check out lines.  But by creating these things, has modern society just feed their own impatience?  Or in other words, are we responsible for our own rashness?

I think the article “Impatient Nation: I Can’t Wait For You to Read This” explores some interesting issues and sides concerning impatience, like what society blames for impatience (he doesn’t think its because of technology) and what impatience could cause.  Furthermore the article explores how impatience has come to be characterized as an American characteristic and that impatience is not always a bad thing.  If you have enough patience, read the above article,  it certainly got my attention.




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