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Virtuality in the Bedroom

on May 10, 2012

OMG, what has society come to?  Sure society has reached many technological milestones and now apparently we can add virtual sex to that list.  Though this topic has been mentioned several times in class, I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around it.  I guess, in some ways, this progression was just to be expected as lonely and creative computer genius’s found other ways to focus and occupy their time.  As we saw in class with the Real Touch, all sorts of gadgets are being created to satisfy all aspects of ones life, and for both sexes.  I think that it would be interesting to consider what is not being asked though.  Like the noise factor; what happens when those gadgets malfunction or short circuit in use; what if you get tired of one, do you throw it away or recycle it; what do you do when you find them in a relative’s or your husband’s/ wife’s dresser?

The point was brought up in class that what if kids grow and fall in love with one of these robots, is that wrong?  I think that this will create problems because people falling in love for an inanimate things will not be accepted, just as people who are IN love with animals, and not in a motherly/ fatherly way, is not seen favorably either.  But maybe people in love with robots could help control the world’s population problems.  It just reminds me of the Jack in the Box commercial where the guy tells his mom that he’s in love with… not a girl….but bacon and then proceeds to marry the bacon burger and eat it too.

I think on the surface, virtual sex will take people a long, long, long time to accept.  But once people see the underlying reasons for it and how it can also help some situations, like connecting long distance couples, people would be more willing to CONSIDER accepting it.  Someone mentioned it class, that not too long ago, phone sex too would have also been seen as unacceptable too, but now its just a lucrative business and a way for couples to have fun with each other.  In the end, since technology will not stop progressing, it looks like people will have to accept some form of virtual sex as these articles talk about how robots will used in red light districts by 2050.  Some interesting things are brought out in these articles, such as the idea that those robots will decrease the spread of STD’s and sex trafficking.  Another idea was that sex with a robot is not considered cheating, but is this true?  Only time will tell how people will respond to this idea.


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