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Why Apple Is King

on May 10, 2012


Several classes ago, we discussed how Apple is one of the technological kings in both the business world and techie circles.  As I write this blog on my mac, I have to agree.  Apple’s ability to create cutting edge gadgets that no one knew they needed is ingenious.  Even the Hi I’m a Mac commercials were so clever and simple with just two guys in front of a white screen.  The look of their products encompasses the minimalist idea and the fact that its pretty easy to learn how to use Apple products makes these gadgets very popular.   The Apple company encompasses the idea that when your product is good it will sell.  Or in other words, if your product is good it will speak for itself and you won’t need a bunch of flashy add ons.

I read this article 12 Most Loyalty- Driving Brand Tactics and I think that the article brings up some very interesting points and even validates topics we have covered in class.  This article even mentions the idea how Apple has created a religion with its company and there are even prophets and so on.  The similarities between our religion lecture and this article are quite interesting.  The article even mentions the idea how Apple has created an avid following with its products, like a cult.  I think that this point is very true because Mac has a very loyal following who likewise try to get more followers, how do you think I got talked into getting a mac.  It was because of my sister, who by the time she talked me into getting a mac was on her second mac and had convinced two to three other people to switch from a PC to a Mac.  I keep telling my sister that she should write to Apple and tell them to give her a commission based on how many people she convinced to get a mac, I think it was 6 – 7 people altogether.

I think one of the most valid points in the article is that Apple makes things that we don’t need now, but what we will need in the future.  How do they know what we will need in the future?  Just like Siri, who would have ever thought that someone would have a cell phone that could talk to you, haha, duh that’s the hole point of phones.  I mean a cell phone where there is no real person on the other end and the voice has the ability to figure things out for you so you never have to go and search for the answers.

The other smart business tactic was that Apple targeted younger people to develop brand loyalty and so that these users will be comfortable in using a Mac when they are young so that by the time they get older, using Apple products will be second nature.  I remember when I was in elementary school, they introduced us to new computer products on a mac, but by the time I got to middle and high school, the schools were using PC’s.  So when I got my Mac a few years ago, I was so lost, but now I love it and I’m so glad that I know how to use it because Macs are in most classrooms on campus.   Now if I can only get off it enough.


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